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The Widgetkit Slideshow is the ultimate image and content slideshow for Joomla and WordPress. It's flexible, easy to customize and completely build with HTML5 and CSS3.


  • Clean and very lightweight code
  • 15 eye-catching transition effects
  • Uses hardware accelerated CSS3 animations
  • JavaScript animation fallback for all Internet Explorers
  • Support for HTML captions
  • Swipe navigation on mobile phones
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.2+, and the latest jQuery version
  • Works with Joomla and WordPress

Slideshow Example

This is an image slideshow with eye-catching transition effects.

Showcase Box Example

This a content showcase using all the features from the Slideset widget as navigation. Any kind of HTML content can be used in the navigation.

Showcase Button Example

This is an image slideshow with some nice navigation buttons. You can place any kind of HTML in the navigation buttons.

Tabs Example

This is a classic, tabbed slideshow. Tabs can be aligned to the left, right and center.

Tabs Bar Example

This is a slideshow with a tabbed navigation bar. Tabs can be aligned to the left, right and center.

List Example

This is a slideshow with a vertical tabbed list as navigation.

How To Use

The Widgetkit Slideshow takes full advantage of the very user-friendly Widgetkit administration user interface. It has never been easier to create and manage all the slideshows and their different slides in one place. After you created a slideshow you can load it anywhere in your theme using shortcodes or the universal Widgetkit Joomla module or WordPress widget.

Recente steunbetuigingen

Hermien Braakhekke
docent/trainer radius opleidingen
Christine Dedding
onderzoeker en docent
Kinderrechten hebben alleen zin als ze ook geïmplementeerd worden.
Cora Koopman
Inge Smit
Manager Kwaliteit
Goed initiatief om meer aandacht te ktijgen voor kinderrechten!
hannie roefs
Mireille de Visser
psycholoog /projectleider Voorkom alcoholschade bi
Anne-Claire van Holsteijn
projectleider DOD en DID